Cleora Public School
451358 East 295 Road
Afton, Ok. 74331
Phone: 918-256-6401
Fax: 918-256-2128

Mr. Kenny Guthrie, Superintendent
Mrs. Nancy Newcomb, Treasurer
Mrs. Lynelle Pilkinton, Encumbrance Clerk

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday    7:30-3:30
If school is not in session for students, office hours are from 9:00-1:00

If you need records for inspecting, copying or mechanical reproduction please contact
Lynelle Pilkinton
451358 East 295 Road
Afton, Ok. 74331
918-256-6401 or 918-782-7842
Arrangements will be made for these services during the hours of 9:00-1:00