The Board of Education of the Cleora Public Schools recognizes education is a  function of the state and that the Board, as the District's governing body, acts as an agency of the state. Therefore,  state and national laws and regulations regarding education take precedence over local policies, rules and regulations.
        The Board of Education believes  that education is a long-term investment. The Board recognizes its duty to provide experiences  for children that lead to emotional, social and political adjustment in a democratic way of life. The Board believes that free public education is justifiable to the extent that it makes the supporting state a better place in which to live and make a living. Finally, the Board understands and supports the idea that the attainment of these objectives necessitates cooperation with all agencies in community life.

Board of Education

Billy Jarvis

Vice Presidentó
Ryan Bagby

Rick Winfrey

Cleora Public School Staff and Email:

Mr. Kenny Guthrie, Superintendent
Mrs. Nancy Newcomb, Treasurer
Mrs. Lynelle Pilkinton, Encumbrance Clerk
Mrs. Smith, Pre-Kindergarten, bsmith@cleora.net
Miss Lankford, Kindergarten, llankford@cleora.net
Mrs. Knox, First Grade, tknox1@cleora.net
Mrs. Gordon, Second Grade, dgordon@cleora.net
Mrs. Ohlstrom, Third Grade, tohlstrom@cleora.net
Mr. Tillery, Fourth Grade, mtillery@cleora.net
Mrs. Branham, Fifth and Sixth Grade, Physical Education
Mrs. Berry, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grade, kberry @cleora.net
Mrs. Bacon, Fifth and Sixth Grade, abacon@cleora.net
Mr. Knox, Fifth and Sixth Grade, sknox@cleora.net
Mr. Ricks, Fifth & Sixth Grade, Coach, mricks@cleora.net
Mr. Shouse, Seventh & Eighth Grade, wrshouse@cleora.net
Mr. Matzenbacher, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grade, mmatzenbacher@cleora.net
Mrs.Ketcher, SPED, nketcher@cleora.net
Mrs. Stites, Counselor, pstites@cleora.net
Mrs. Gibson, Library
Mrs. Sheffield, Music/Art, bsheffield@cleora.net
Mrs. Beisley, Tutor, bbeisley@cleora.net
Mrs. Smiley, SPED aide
Mrs. Bettena, SPED aide
Mrs. Williams, Para Professional
Mrs. Bump, Kitchen Manager, kitchern@cleora.net
Mrs. Jody Beisley, Cook
Mr. White, Custodian

Title IX Coordinator:
Kenny Guthrie
451358 East 295 Road
Afton, Ok. 74331